The ReRain Story

ReRain founder Hudson Worthington Harr is a renewable energy entrepreneur who is excited about ideas which utilize natural cycles in nature. Being caught in a severe drought and unable to water his greenhouse he decided a solution was desperately needed. Through trial and error and a lot of research he put together a system which could delver all the water the plants demanded for months in one night/day of rain. After seeing the dramatic plant feedback he decided commercialization of this concept was a "no brainer". As drought took hold on a large scale he realized how fundamentally important the work was and began a crusade to see these systems utilized on a large scale.

The Basic Concept

A rain water cistern collects the runoff in a downpour and redirects the flow from the catchments or roof to a means of storage. This storage site can be underground or above ground and its size is determined by the roof area or desired capacity. This sizing can be done by analyzing the site and demands while bearing in mind the average annual rainfall.