Welcome to ReRain!

ReRain is a company all about saving a rainy day for later and making it rain again. In the midst of a severe drought creative solutions need to be used to make water cycles sustainable. The concept of storing water on its way down is not only a simple solution but a direct response to ground water depletion and pollution. When you can't just drill a well and pump your water to the surface you are left with few options. At ReRain we feel rain cisterns are the answer to many pressing issues facing both residential settings and agriculture sites alike. We are therefore committed to implementing our systems and educating people on sustainable practices and water conservation on the largest scale possible.

Back to the basics

The concept of collecting large volumes of water for future use is most popular in areas that have little access to potable water or great season discrepancies. But equally beneficial is the composition, farmers have always been keen to use rainwater for there agriculture due to the beneficial nutrients which rainwater contains. As rain droplets form they bring with them the particulates in the atmosphere rich in nitrates and phosphates. Depending on the region this can be an optimal Ph with the right nutrient content for a wide array of plant life. The role of atmospheric deposition is vital in transporting iron, nitrogen and phosphorus to supply nutrient rich water to ecosystems that wound otherwise have no access. We are merely taking a very simple natural phenomenon and using its affects for both better crop yields and to decrease water shortage.

I went to check the tanks and to my surprise we had a 1800 gallons of crystal clear water from one nights rain!

Posted on February 22, 2007 by Admin